July 21st through August 3rd, 2019

About the Performance
Intensive Program

The Performance Intensive Program is an exciting and unique artistic opportunity for the aspiring and committed piano student. See below for a few of the highlights of this program.

Master Classes and Individual Instruction

Participating students will have the opportunity to expand their repertoire, sharpen their technique, and develop their performance skills by learning from some of the most accomplished pianists in the world. The Academy will feature Master Classes and private instruction from Master Class Instructors, as well as extensive practice time. Repertoire includes pieces that may be included in competitions in later months. For a list of the instructors in each program, please visit the Performance Intensive Program Instructors Page.

Private Lessons
and Practice Time

Students in the Performance Intensive Program will each receive a total of five hours of individual lessons taught by Master Class and Academy Instructors, and up to four hours of practice time per day.

Music Classes

On each Friday, students will participate in music classes designed to enhance their overall musicianship.  The Stage Presence Class will discuss topics related to performance including, how to introduce oneself, how to dress and act appropriately before and after a performance as well as a review of body language and mannerisms while performing.  The Performance Class is to provide the opportunity for students to apply what they learned in both their individual lessons and the stage presence class in front of their peers. Students will receive brief comments from faculty and students after each performance.

Performance with
American Ensembles

Selected participants in the Performance Intensive Program will be given the opportunity to perform two concertos with the Pacific Symphony Chamber Orchestra under renowned conductor Carl St. Clair. Other students will have the opportunity to perform with other ensembles, drawn from professional and university musicians.

University Residential Experience

Participants in the Performance Intensive Program will have a two-week residence on the campus of the University of California, Irvine. Interacting with American students, faculty and the general public will help increase each participant’s English fluency and conversational language. Living on a university campus also affords the opportunity to gain better understanding of American culture and daily life.

Schedule and

From Monday through Thursday, four students will participate in a Master Class, each receiving up to 45 minutes of instruction. When not in the Master Class, all students will be observing the Master Classes for a total of up to three hours per day. During the week, all students will receive a one-hour private lesson with the Master Class Instructor and one-hour private lesson with the Academy Instructor. On days when the student is in a Master Class, the student will also have a private lesson from the Academy Instructor and three hours of practice time. Students who are not participating in the Master Class will have a private lesson with the Master Class Instructor and three hours of practice time. Alternate days, the students will have four hours practice time.

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